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San Fernando is the surf city of the Philippines.  After our surf adventure in Panama, I was super excited to try it again (only without the wicked sunburn this time.)  Unfortunately, whatever was wreaking havoc on my body had other plans.

By the time we rolled into San Fernando from Sagada, we were exhausted.  A full day of riding buses from city to city had worn us down.  But it wasn’t until the next day when we both became violently ill that we realized how much.  I have no idea what made us sick – water, bad food, a bug caught in transit, who knows.  But we were both terribly terribly ill.  Stomachs were not happy.  Fortunately, John is awesome.  He trekked out and found us a super swank beachside resort to stay at while we recovered.  We don’t normally splurge on beachfront places (with the exception of Boracay), but with the intensity of the previous two weeks and the illness that was draining us both, a seaside haven seemed like perfection.  And it was.  Normally lounging by the pool all day isn’t my thing, but when you’ve been wretching for two days and unable to eat anything solid, it sounds like the best idea ever.  And our fantastic cabana right off the infinity pool overlooking the ocean was only a splurge of about $100 US a night.  Score.

Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy the super steady waves that so many novice surfers were learning on.  But I did enjoy watching them for most of the day, and into the spectacularly orange sunset.  Come on, it’s our honeymoon photos – you didn’t think you’d get out without seeing a sunset, did you?

After three days recovering in San Fernando, we made one more pass through Manila and flew back home.  And so that brings us to the end of our honeymoon photos and stories.  Hope you’ve enjoyed them :)

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