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Year of the Noodle: Week 12

Train.  Wreck.

Yes, that bad.  Even after waiting 90 (hungry) minutes for everything to cook, we still couldn’t bring ourselves to eat more than a few bites of this one.  John wouldn’t even eat it.  That says something.

It started off poorly when our fridge froze all of the fresh ingredients that were supposed to give this recipe so much flavor (fresh basil, cilantro, watercress and green onions – all frozen.)  I salvaged enough to halve the recipe and forged on.  But then the broth somehow tasted like strong citrus – even though there was no citrus in it – and had no redeeming flavors.  The tofu tasted like nothing.  The rice noodles were overcooked.  Nothing went right, and I couldn’t bring this one back to edible.  So we threw it down the drain and John got to work on making a backup dinner:  Year of the Noodle Week 12.5 – improv spaghetti.

This recipe turned out so poorly that I’m not even going to provide it below.  I don’t want anyone making it without reading my commentary and being as disappointed as I was.  After the last two weeks of failures, I need a win.  If you have a great recipe you are willing to share, please send it my way so that Noodle 13 doesn’t end up a flop!

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