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Next year John and I will be traveling the world for several months.  We’re saving up money, and most of our international dream destinations, for that larger trip.  So this year, in lieu of our regular international jaunt, we decided to take a more low-key vacation – camping in Wyoming.

Before this summer, I had never camped (at least not since I was old enough to remember.)  But for some reason, we decided a week-long camping trip in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks would be a fun adventure.  In preparation, we took a single overnight camping trip with a few friends a few weeks ago, and then set off for seven days on our own.

As it turns out, car camping is very similar to backpacking/hosteling, with the exception that while camping you can actually pay $2 to get a hot shower (unlike many third world countries we’ve visited.)  The bed is more comfortable, too.  So despite having little to no direct camping experience, our trip went off without a hitch.  We enjoyed the fresh mountain air, took a long 75 mile bike ride, floated on the lake in a canoe, and wandered the geological sights of Yellowstone.  It was a great, relaxing trip.

Here are a few images of the rocky Tetons and explosive Yellowstone.  (The last one was taken on my iPhone, so the image quality is a little lower than usual.)  I hope everyone had a happy Labor Day Weekend!

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