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I love my food processor.  It will be hands down the biggest cooking tool I miss while we are traveling later this year.

I’m pretty sure it will be too heavy and cumbersome to sneak into my backpack.  Darn.  So while I have it, I’m using it for everything.

Sure, you could chop up the cranberries and hand blend them into the cream cheese.  But what fun is that?

Zip the two around in your food processor and you’ve got whipped cream cheese that turns a delightful shade of pink.

Way more fun.


1 8oz package cream cheese
1/2 cup roughly chopped dried cranberries


Place cream cheese and cranberries into a food processor.  Pulse, scraping the sides often.  Continue pulsing until cranberries have turned the cream cheese a pink hue, and it has become fluffy.  Serve with crackers or on your morning bagel.

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