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52 soups later, 2010 has ended.  Hooray!  At the end of it all, I’ve tried dozens of new recipes, exploded a variety of foods out of my blender, and thrown a number of soups down the garbage disposal.  I’ve also sampled numerous new ingredients, tested my food knowledge, and padded my food repertoire with a few more recipes.  Not a bad year.

For those of you who keep asking me (don’t worry, it’s cute and not annoying), here are my favorite soup recipes from the year: Chickenless Noodle Soup; 44 Garlic Clove Soup; Broccoli Cheddar Soup; Stracciatella; Thai Ginger Sweet Potato Bisque; Wonton Soup; Three Bean Soup; French Onion Soup; Rustic Cabbage Soup; Cheddar Corn and Potato Chowder; Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup; Green Soup with Ginger.  If you make any of the soups I’ve posted this year, start with one of these.  There are other good recipes in there, but they simply weren’t as memorable :)  I won’t mention the worst ten of the year – they’ve already gotten their 15 seconds of fame.

Thanks for your patience with so many soup posts and the somewhat redundant images :)  2011’s cooking project will be a bit more diverse – more on that later!

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