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Just look at that map.  Someone got an A for presentation in college, and it wasn’t me.

(Well, it probably was me.  I got a lot of As.  But I didn’t make the map.)

John took this little project upon himself both for explanatory and inspirational purposes.  He mounted it on poster board and everything.

How cute is that?  Very cute, I say.

I find this map very inspiring.  It makes me want to add pins to Africa and Russia so we can cover more of the globe.  Not that we aren’t already being crazy ambitious.  This route we have planned is a little intimidating.

I’m sure that from the photo you can’t even remotely tell where the pins are.  But trust me, there are a lot of countries under those pins.

A lot of cool countries.  Countries I’m excited to visit, and not entirely sure we’ll have enough time for.

So some of them may have to be removed.  Some may get added.  That’s the fun of this little map, right?  We get to keep playing and changing our minds, looking to see what we want to add or delete to our tentative itinerary.  Then once we hit the road, who knows what will happen to this plan – we may change the whole thing on the fly.

For the next couple of months, we get to keep playing with our potential itinerary and trying out ideas.  Adding, removing, and rearranging pins on our giant map.


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